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Showreel - 2021

Terry: Trip to the Beach - 2018

Terry: Surprise Guest - 2018

Terry's Story (Full Animation) (2D DUIK Animation) - 2017

The Awakening - 2016

In Loving Memory - 2015

Story Book

Terry: A Trip to the Park is part of my Masters in Animation (UCLAN) that I completed in Sep 2018. 

Terry is a young girl who has Autism, this book and 2 stop motion animated films linked above, show moments in her life where she experiences things that trigger her, such as loud noises, touch and litter/busy situations, and the ways she overcomes those scary moments with the help of her dad. These stories are inspired by a real person who has Autism, and an extension of a 2D Animated Game I made previously to this for Stories2Connect. These stories are here to teach/educate and help people understand Autism just a little bit more and ways to help.

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